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¡¡¡¡Ningbo FengHao Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd and its subsidiary company Ningbo TengTai Plastic Products Co.,Ltd were founded in Feb/2011,specializing in the Design,production,sale of all kinds of Hard die casting moulds and magnesium alloy die casting products.With rich experience in the design of molds which have high requirements for the airtightness and compactness.

The company is located in the Chinese town of mould¡ªBelun Ningbo,covers an area of 9,000 square meters.The company is in a period of rapid development,its 2017 turnover increased more than 30% than last year and reached over 46 million Yuan. Our company has a group of Hi-tech professional talents,over 20% among them are professional mould designers.With adpoting advanced technique and equipment from domestic and abroad,such as low speed wire cutting machines,spark machines,high speed milling machines,prodcess centers,large die spotting machines.We do have CMM and other precise measuring equipments ,Also we do have many auxiliary design systems such as CAD,CAE,CAM.

By the standard of ISO9001:2000,we provide comprehensive services from moulds,die-casting to fine fishing to our clients.

Our main customers are AAM America,Philip Shanghai,Yangtze River,Geely Qianjiang and other well-known companies. We adhere to the business philosophy of ¡°Customer first,forge ahead with determination¡± to provide our clients with quality services.

We look forward to cooperating with you!

We look forward to serving you!

2011 Established Fenghao mold factory, leased 1,000 square meters of factory, mainly produced motorcycle molds, designed and produced the first motorcycle left box body
2012 Establish a cooperative relationship with the Greater Yangtze River, establish a cooperative relationship with Qianjiang Motorcycle, and start the design and production of pedal car boxes
2013 Enter the second factory, build a new plant covering an area of 3,000 square meters, purchase various types of equipment such as processing centers, high-speed milling, and three-coordinate coordinates, establish strategic cooperation with Qianjiang motorcycles, and start the design and production of high-power box bodies for 4 stroke motorcycles.
2014 Establish strategic cooperation with American Bridge Company, open the design and production of automobile die, design and manufacture of vehicle cantilever support
2015 Introduction of IASO: 9001 quality management system, establishment of strategic cooperation with Laijie, cooperation with Philips of the Netherlands, design and production of the first steering shell 2016 Smooth development, internal rectification of the company, auto parts of the mold accounted for 40 %, die casting mold national standard successfully completed, the company is one of the drafting units
2017 Management innovation and optimization of the internal structure, the output value of the company increased by 30 % over the previous year, the company entered the high-speed development stage auto parts mold accounted for 60 %, the design and production of heavy card front shell, medium shell 4500T large-scale die casting mold. Bosch, BMW, Mercedes, Hyundai, Chrysler, Ford, Audi, Beinali, etc.. 2018 Into the new factory, the new factory covers an area of 9,000 square meters, adding 400 T molding machines, high-speed machines and other various types of equipment, adjusting the company's overall strategy, 10 % through the machine, 20 % of motorcycles, 70 % of auto parts, and high-end customers Forming a strategic cooperation relationship, mainly with large, precise, complex die casting molds